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Pain in my Spleen after eating?

Hey everyone, I'm back. I don't post here often, but when I did you were all very helpful and kind. It was a few years ago when I first learned of my Bechets that I originally joined.

So, right now I am noticing all of the symptoms of an enlarged spleen. Mostly the discomfort in my spleen area and pain in it after eating.

It just started last night after a meal, and I was wondering if it could have anything to do with my Bechets. I know many of us are probably not doctors, but I would just like to know. If anyone of you could help in any way Id be happy to hear.

I'm going to the clinic tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up.

- Aidan

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For many years I have had bouts of pain after eating around the spleen / gallbladder / pancreas area. At times this was very severe indeed.

Two scans found nothing apart from a few small gallstones. It was assumed these were the culprits and i was offered surgery to remove the gallbladder, but I turned it down. This was 8 or 9 years ago.

I am glad I refused the op as the pain has mostly gone since I adopted a veg-based diet lower in fats, oils, refined sugars and empty carbs, and reduced portion sizes. I also drink very little alcohol now. 

Basically, I think the BD can cause any organ to struggle if it becomes inflamed, and the inflammation can also spark off flares that involve other bodily processes. So finding what triggers the inflammation in the first place is the key for me.

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Thank you, I just got back from the hospital and everything seems a-okay. Yeah I was thinking it might have just been my diet, or that I'm eating things to quickly.

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Glad to hear things are looking OK! 

Yes, eating too fast can put a big strain on the digestive organs.

I have found changing what I eat and how I eat to be huge challenge, particularly when feeling rough. When I am flaring, it is all too easy to turn to delivered takeaways or ready meals, which then just make me feel even grosser.

So now, on good days I stock up on decent, nourishing foods that are easy to prepare. I make double amounts of soups and stews and stick portions in the freezer to just heat and eat with some salad on bad days.

Comfort eating is a problem for me too. I simply don't have crisps and choc and biscuits in the house now, as I know I will scoff them as soon as I get tired, bored and achey. And those are exactly the foods which set off my spleen/pancreas/gallbladder pains.


Glad you've had this checked out and there's no obvious problem :)

I've had a lot of this and it can be very sore - but like others it's come and gone at different times.  I had an ultrasound scan during the worst of it but nothing showed up. I couldn't really trace it to any food as it just seemed to come on whatever I ate. 

I tend to assume these incidents are just the inflammation picking on a particular area and after a while it seems to disappear and focus on something else in the body. But obviously, always get troubling pain checked out as what's  'just' Behcet's pain for one person might be more serious for someone else.


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