Bowel issues for 3 month

Hey guys

Kinda nervous about posting this I've been having bowel issues for just about 3 month there's been excess blood, black stools,stringy stools and lots of mucous. I've been suffering excruciating back pain with bowel movements I have to go immediately otherwise water like stools come out it's getting to the point where I need to be off work. Can anyone help?

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  • Hi I know you had tests done a little while ago for IBD did you get a diagnosis at all?

  • Not had an appointment with gastro yet, my appointment is in two weeks after they promised an appointment early Jan. The first test was for bugs etc. that came back with nothing. I haven't heard from the inflammation sample the hospital requested. however, I have been back to my GP last week and they requested I do another sample along with more extensive bloods.

    Im quite bothered by the lower back pain I have been having to take a water bottle into work to help get through the day. the heat dulls it off but doesn't get rid of it completely. painkillers don't touch the pain at all so I have given up on them.

    Is back pain normal with IBD issues?

  • First of all you should ring your doctors for the results because they should have them back by now. You are allowed to ask for copies of them too so you can see the results yourself. I suffered from back pain as long as I can remember but I hurt my back many years ago. What pain killers did they give you? I'm asking because in my experience they can make IBD worse. Do you feel exhausted and tearful?

  • I didn't know you could get copies of your results I will definitely be contacting the doctors for those results I'm getting more and more frustrated as the time goes on. I'm so tired at the moment it's getting hard to keep going to work my partner describes it like I am on morphine or something that wipes me out. Hardly able to talk or move. The tearful feeling doesn't really affect me just around period times which is normal for me. I haven't been prescribed any pain relief but I have had some of my mums cocodamols they are 30/500mg they full the pain for about 5 mins then it's back. If I have a bowel movement nothing stops the pain.

    Thank you for giving me this information I really appreciate it

  • If you can call in at your doctors ask the receptionist to print you off a copy of your results. Check everything yourself. It will give you figures that are classed as within the normal range, but you will see for yourself where in that range you are. For example your iron!! You could be classed as within the normal range but it's just within that range. You will see what I mean when you look at them. If you read about o codamol it says people with IBD shouldn't take them!! Yet I've just come out of hospital and they prescribed me some and I have Crohn's. I have a colostomy bag too.The best advice I can give you is to be as informed about your illness as you can be. Write down appointments. Who you saw. What they said. Write down daily your symptoms (how many times you go to the toilet) what it's like. Fatigue is a big thing for me!! It's like someone just flips a switch and I turn off!! Be informed because I learned the hard way, I was left too long with the wrong diagnosis and because I trusted what I was told I just kept going with it. My bowel perforated but I was told I had gastritis. Don't be afraid to keep going to doctors because they have the power to ring the gastro clinic and get you in as an emergency sooner. Just going back to being informed, that way you can tell the medical people you see what's been happening and when. You have to take charge of that bit. Otherwise you will find they won't always know everything because it hasn't been passed on. I don't know if any of this helps but il always help you if I can based on my own experience. Others of course will have there own. But I know it's frightening and frustrating because I felt like no one was listening to me and I was a hypercondriach. if you can get an appointment today go back as they should have your blood results back now.

  • Hi. Poor you!! I really empathize with that. Just to say I saw tv prog about this chap whose life was ruined with pain and exhaustion. They eventually found he desperately needed B12. It totally changed his life. I'm going to ask my gp will about it. Think he needed very high dose...

  • I would suggest you get an urgent Dr's appointment don't muck around. 3 mths is long enough for anything to be going on. Please get it checked ASAP

  • Not sure where you live but if the worst comes to worst just go to the Hospital Emergency Dept. they will sort it out.

  • Thank you for all the information I thought I replied to you!! So sorry for the delay I've had my appointment with the gastroenterologist they are sending me in for a camera but I haven't got the date yet all my test results are being given to me tomorrow by phone apparently they weren't all back so hopefully tomorrow get some more answers!!

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