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Female ejaculation

I really need help... Is it normal for ah female not to "cum"... I'm 17 and iv had 3 sexual partners and of nither of them I have ejaculated or "Squirted"... I also don't have orgasems durning sex....but sex dose feel really god for me I do still enjoy sex.....I can masturbate and orgasim but only by rubbing my clitors...I just need to know is it oright orrr is something wrong!

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Nothing is wrong - loads of women will tell you that they have really great sex but never ejaculated.. You naturally make fluid in your vagina when you have sex so its not painful for you but it's not essential to ejaculate- and lots of women have an orgasm when they or someone else touch their clitoris rather than in the vagina. Women's orgasm's are different to men - and you'll find that the clitoris is the most sensual part to get off on. If you think you may be a bit dry during sex then get some lube to help. Try different positions you may find some help you enjoy sex more than others. Good luck and stop worrying :)


Nawww thank you soo much erm not I'm acully very very wet during sex and yer I find it easyer to have ah orgasin thro my clitors and yer we try loads of positions to hehe but thanx soo much for ur help he just dosnt think he pleases me!


no. not all girls do. they are not boys, boys are designed to do this girls, technically are NOT! focus on sensation and U R orgasms instead.


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