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Female ejaculation

I really need help... Is it normal for ah female not to "cum"... I'm 17 and iv had 3 sexual partners and of nither of them I have ejaculated or "Squirted"... I also don't have orgasems durning sex....but sex dose feel really god for me I do still enjoy sex.....I can masturbate and orgasim but only by rubbing my clitors...I just need to know is it oright orrr is something wrong!

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I think it's normal enough but I'm not a professional. I don't have any external shows of 'cumming' during sex - that I'm aware of.


I am glad that you enjoy it; possibly orgasms will follow. I suspect that a lot of women do not!

As for "cumming" I have seen films of women and if slowed down it is quite clear that it is the release of urine [pee].

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Ask your partner to stimulate you longer and most importantly with passion. Squirt is nothing but urine released due to contractions and relaxations during orgasms. If you say you never had an orgasm, you cannot squirt from pleasure. (You can squirt without having sex as well) Penetrative sex sometimes fails to make you come as maybe your nerve endings near your vaginal opening might be weak, or your partner is not stroking at the right sweet spots inside your vagina. Nonetheless, ask your partner to raise the level during sex.


No I'm a squirter but only two partners have ever been able to get me to squirt its not pee it doesn't even come from that hole. At least mine isn't pee.


Oh not everyone is able to squirt either mostly you have to be really connected to your partner and sexually confident


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