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Help red spots and cluster on my penis and foreskin! And my foreskin is now inflamed. Not itchy or any pain or discharge ? Please help

Help I have red spots on my penis and foreskin at first they were just 3 two on my penis and 1 on my foreskin. And red rashes I believe around my penis and foreskin pink sometimes .Now they have multiplied and has gotten worse its been a little over a week and now my foreskin is inflamed !. They do not cause pain or any discomfort there has been no discharge or any burning sensation when I urinate, if a nothing barely a feel when I firs start to urinate also no itching. These spots are just red with no white tips that look like acne holding puss they are just red and some redder. no puss or anything there is a cluster in some places and the middle is just redder every now and then I see white flakes but I believe they are just dead skin cells also have the time my penis looks dried up and almost no pain when I pull back the foreskin. I already when to my doctor a tested negative for HIV I'm waiting for my other blood Test results but I need a professional opinion now please based on this information.

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Hi Tilin

Did your doctor examine your penis?



Yes at the time when I only had the 3 spots when I first noticed them I immediately went to the clinic she examined me an took my blood and urine and she diagnose me with " Molluscum Contagiosum" but from the pictures I've seen they don't look alike.


I'd head back to your doctor or a sexual health clinic and get them looked at again of they have changed hopefully they can reassure you or do further tests if needed.


I had the same issue. I am uncircumsized and I got small red dots on my penis head and inner foreskin. Through research and a doctor visit I found out it was a minor case of BALANITIS, which is a common fungus overgrowth (not an STD) As of now it cleared up through washing thoroughly at least two times a day (not to much soap). And mainly I used CLOTRIMAZOLE cream I got from a local CVS. It also wouldnt hurt to limit your sugar and bread consumption. It took weeks to months off and on but eventually was treated. (side not having sex with your partner while infected may cause re-infection)


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