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Erection goes floppy after ejaculation

Hey I feel mega stressed out, my penis started to randomly die after my first ejaculation and have to wait one to a few of minutes for it to go back up and then after the second time I'm lucky if it wants to go back up at all, I never had this problem before and normally carried on through ejaculation to reach it again and so on or relaxed with the erection staying up and then going again. It's strange because before my girl friend went to university it was fine, she came back after a month of not seeing each other and now randomly dies after the first time. I can't help but feel stressed out when it goes down as I feel terrible for her. I don't know if its stress or if its because I've put on a slight bit of weight or its this refractory period that I've found on research. To be honest I'm shitting myself as I don't want it to be this way forever. Please help I want something positive but I would rather know the truth.

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Hi stressed guy.

For this answer I'm assuming that your first erection and length of time til ejaculation is all normal for you.

It's quite normal for you to loose your erection after ejaculation with a variable time before you can get another one, it's a normal response. Sadly the time increases as you get older! And three times in a row is a distant memory to us older guys..........

But if things have changed from your normal there is likely going to be an anxiety element to it too. If you don't see your girlfriend that often you might be a little less relaxed than you would be normally, you may feel pressured to have a lot of sex in a short time?

Alcohol and cigarette smoking really affect the quality of an erection and the length of time it takes to get one too.

From what you've said there no reason to be worried whatsoever.


Hi CharlieJoe thanks a bunch for getting back to me. I feel happier for reading this. After careful thought about things I think its because I'm stressed out over a number of things, work being one. Maybe a programming career of stress isn't the right one for me. I've taken note of your advise on Alcohol and cigarettes which I'll be going cold turkey on as I occasionally have the odd checking one. I'm not a big Alcohol drinker although when I drink... I drink which doesn't happen often. I'm considering killing the constant supply of coffee given to me throughout the day at work too and now have taken to the gym. I hope to see me back to me after I'll kill the stress and deal with it. thanks again for your response. Also what's the typical age a male starts finding he can't go that extra one straight away?


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