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Is it safe to take Gedarel continuously without a break?

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I’ve been taking the pill, (Gedarel), without a break for 4 months now and was wondering if it is safe to do so? I’m not wanting to have periods anymore as they are too painful, hence the reason for being on the pill!

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It is recommended that you should have a bleed once every 9 weeks while on the CHC . Have you considered a Mirena IUS or Depo Provera as many of these users will not have any bleeds when using them , and if they do have any they are usually much lighter and less painful than regular periods ?

Also remember the bleed when on the combined pill is not a real period but a hormone withdrawal bleed and therefore is usually lighter and less painful.

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Thank you for your reply. I will try and contact my GP to see if I can change the pill as don’t feel Gedarel is suiting me.

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