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Health Anxiety


I have major anxiety that I have an std or a serious illness.

Received oral sex then took every test 3-6 months after exposure and been negative.

However almost convinced myself I had stds and have developed weird symptoms since. Been told they are anxiety provoked.

I am now feeling lymph nodes etc and panicking.

Should I move on as tests negative and have taken most of the tests twice?

Thanks for any help

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Re read the replies to your previous posts. They should provide you some reassurance.

Joe89 in reply to moo196

Thanks for reply. I have been told receiving oral is low risk. Tested negative but still worry every day!

3simon in reply to Joe89

If you are in the UK then your risk - at least of HIV - is low. The statistics have been published recently by the Health Service. There were some 4000 infections in the year. If you consider that the high risk groups are still gay and bisexual men and injecting drug users and that there are probably some 20 million odd sexually active people in UK the statistics are very much in your favour. There were some 70000 infections in the UK of Gonorrhea and some 7000 of syphilis.

As someone else said it would be prudent to speak to a counsellor as it does seem that your anxiety is causing some serious problems for you

Joe89 in reply to 3simon

Thank you.

I definitely don’t have hiv, syphilis, Gonnoreah, chlamydia or herpes as I have been tested twice for all and negative.

Is there anything else you can get receiving oral?

3simon in reply to Joe89

Hi Joe

I very much doubt it. The difficulty is that I think you have said you have been tested for most things and several times. I am not sure why it "worries" you so much in that case and that is why I [and others] suggest that you try to find some professional who could explore why that is. I am old and over my long life I have had many relationships all of which have been happy and some of which have been exploratory.

Sexual relationships are supposed to be fun overall and consensual

Joe89 in reply to 3simon


It all happened after an exposure I regret and feel sever guilt over.

I obsessed over this and started getting real symptoms, still getting them unfortunately!

Burning when I urinate is main one at the moment.

Hoping I can move forward and symptoms will resolve

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