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Would a regular Dove moisturiser help with the itchiness of thrush or will it damage???

So I’ve been researching quite a bit now as I’m panicking that I might have thrush. I had no clue what this was until earlier this afternoon and after reading the symptoms, I realised that I could relate a lot. The itchiness is so uncomfortable and it stings a little when I pee. And as a teenager I find this is making me paranoid as I would rather not have to go to the health clinic. Would a regular Dove moisturiser help with the itchiness of thrush or will it damage???

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I think you should use thrush cream to help with the itchiness, but I will suggest booking an appointment with the sexual health clinic so they can prescribe you with medication that will get rid of the thrush and so that you can be tested aswell just incase it may not be thrush


I wouldn't use anything like that as it is perfumed and could make it worse... please don't feel embarrassed about going to the clinic.. it's fact of life, these things happen. They will do the necessary tests and prescribe the right medication...whereas if you go to your GP they have to send swabs away which takes longer. Plus you may find it's not thrush at all. So, don't delay and just suffer... go, it's the most sensible thing to do.! And don't worry.


Hi just go to your G P he will give you antibiotics and cream at once iv'e always done this no problem ,you don't say how young a teenager you are if its very young tell your mother good luck


Presume you are male ? I would use a non perfumed non coloured moisturiser like aqueous cream. Not everything that. Makes your skin itchy or sore is due to yeast infection. Consider topical hydrocortisone . If fails to resolve head to a sexual health service


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