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Stinging Foreskin

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I am approaching the 12th week of 'thrush' following bloods, urine and swab tests my results so thrush. Ive had a burning sensation in my foreskin and head of penis, after cream and antifungal meds my head no longer stings but 12 weeks in almost and my foreskin still stings, the stinging isnt constant it comes and goes, mainly noticed in morning, midday and evening.

I am awaiting further advice from my doc who keeps forgetting to call me!

Can thrush actually be this stubborn and does anybody have any advice, its really doing my nut in now.

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Yessss thrush and bv can take a while to get rid of i reckon. Depends what meds ur doc prescribes u to aswell I swear i still get a slight itch even after ive been treated for bv. Idk what it is. I know girls have bv and thrush bacteria in their vaginas naturally but im not sure is it accurs in guys aswell. I know im going back to the doc and getting another swab to see if the infection has fully cleared or its just not going.... do u have a smelly discharge or smelly penis?

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Nope only symptom now is discomfort in my foreskin, like a slight pain as if ive nipped it. My doctor is seeking further advice for tests and will get back to me. 12 weeks now!

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