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Just had sex


me an my boyfriend just had sex , we first tried it with a condom but it dint. Work so he took it off and he started masturbating he bussed ,20minutes later he inserted it with out a condom but he dint buss Is there any change I might be pregnant, since I live in the uk I get free healthcare so do u think that if I go to the pharmacy and get the pill they would give it with out charging any money since I’m under 16

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If he didn't wash his penis between insertion then there is a very very slim possibility of pregnancy. As you are under sixteen I would recommend talking to an adult that you trust about sexual relationships and possibly pregnancy, it's always good to know as much information as possible and if you are considering taking part in a sexually active relationship, to always use protection. Whatever type is up to you but none of them are 100% effective so do be careful!.

I agree with HelpfulRose. Also, Sexual health clinics usually have drop in services for under 18s. They can give advice, do preg tests, give contraception etc, all free. Look online to find nearest one- BASHH or nhs website good

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