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Okay so it's not PID... what is it?

Okay I've posted on here twice recently and have had really helpful replies so I thought I'd ask for advice again. If you look back on my page I have been suffering from a series of symptoms including: constant soreness and irritation of my vulva and urethra, burning during and after sex, and while urinating, small periods of back pain on my left side where my kidney is, pale yellow creamy urethral discharge, and a general pain when I apply any pressure to the area. I was recently put on Doxycycline for two weeks with a suspicion of PID however after the first few days of the symptoms seeming to improve... unfortunately all the same symptoms came back. I'm at a loss of what to do, there's nothing in urine apart from the presence of a high number of white blood cells, healthy swabs taken, and all my scans from the past year have been normal.

I'm thinking it may be urethritis? Or some sort of vulvitis or vulvovaginits? I'd just like some other opinions on it because all the GP's I've seen recently have been completely pathetic in suggesting further steps or possible diagnosis'.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Did you discuss your possible diagnoses with yr gp? As you probably know "itis" means inflammation of.... So yes, it could be those areas.

Presumably you have done all of the things for self help? Cotton underwear, no soaps/bubble baths, used live yoghurt insertions, stopped having sex for a few weeks, drinking plenty of water, avoiding tight clothing /jeans /tights..... Paid attention to really good diet, used pads rather than tampons

Calendula cream may be soothing.

Has a antihistamine helped?


The gps I've seen aren't really listening to my suggestions and every doctor/specialist I've seen have been kinda at a loss. I've also done all the self-help things you've mentioned - tampons are too painful to use anyway since I've suffered from these symptoms. I definitely think it is some sort of inflammation. I haven't tried using an antihistamine but maybe that's a good idea. Thank you!

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Good luck.

At least you know it isn't anything nastier...

Keep on with the self help stuff and try the antihistamine for a few days.

See if you can focus on something totally different for a while too perhaps

Personally once I knew mine was cervicitis (nothing can be done from a medical basis for this and there isn't a test for it) it was a matter of doing all of the above and distracting myself until it went away.


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