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Protected sex

Hi its my first time to post something in here im kinda worried. After 3 years ive never been into a relationship it means no sex at all. I got a new partner recently we were like dating 7mos ago and yeah only 2weeks ago we had protected sex(condom). Im kinda worried coz two weeks ago i got sick and my doctor prescribed me amoxicilin and during those time im still taking it the week after and we did it again using condom. Is there a chance that i’ll get pregnant or what. Coz im freakin out already.. thanks for all ur advises.

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Hi there

When used consistently and correctly, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. There's still a chance you might be so I would consult a doctor just to be absolutely sure, if that makes you feel better, but I would say that no, you're not pregnant.



Thank youu guys :))


Hi there -

Whenever sperm are involved, never say never, but your risk is extremely low.

For peace of mind, do a pregnancy test three weeks after the incident of concern, or if your next period is lighter, late or otherwise different.

Any risk is unrelated to the antibiotics your doctor gave you, as you were using a condom - and as long as that was used correctly, and he had it on, prior to any genital contact between you, and it didn’t slip off, you should be just fine.

For future peace of mind, it might be worth using a reliable method of hormonal contraception as well as your condom, though. Then, you can relax, knowing you have a back up for your e.g. pill/implant/etc and a back up for your condom - used for safer sex.

I hope this helps.

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