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Just some advice

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period! The following day I then started my new pill pack! What are the chances of me being pregnant and when would be the best time to do a pregnancy test?

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Hi there, I’m not 100% on the pregnancy thing (were you starting a new pill for the first time or just continuing after a 7 day break?), but the best time to test is 21 days after the incident. A lot of tests will claim to be accurate 10-14 days afterwards (and this is true for a lot of women!) but you can fully trust the result 3 weeks later, or a week after your missed period. Take care x


Hey! I was just continuing after a 7 day break! Thank you for your help!


Very unlikely as your period is you getting rid of your egg usually, but when you’re on the pill I’m pretty sure you don’t produce eggs it’s a fake period to get rid of the lining of your womb. The whole point of being on the pill is that you can have sex without getting pregnant. How long have you been on the pill for? Double check via NHS choices site but am pretty sure there’s a 99% chance you won’t be pregnant and I’m pretty sure you haven’t got any eggs coming out to get pregnant anyway, and by the end of a real period you’re eggs are out and your new ones aren’t coming out yet. I do know people that got pregnant on the pill, but they didn’t take it properly and used to be sick etc.


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