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Im absolutley mortified i was with my partner 18 month and split because he cheated, i was with my new partner a week and done a routine check thinking nothing of it but its come back positive. I have never had an STI before.I was taking amoxycillin for a chest infection in september for a chest infection would this have cleared chlamydia up if i had it then.. im just trying to work out when i could have gotten it as iv been told it would only show after twp weeks if it was my new partner. I hate this i feel absolutley vile and dirty although i was in a supposedly commited relationship.

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Antibiotics only work for what they’re usually prescribed to.

That really sucks - same thing happened to me from a cheater.

Unfortunately, you have to tell all your partners you've had unprotected sex with since you had your last clear screen because one of them gave it you. Chlamydia is a nasty one for women - very little symptoms but it can make you infertile. Men usually do get synptoms tho.

Don’t feel vile and dirty - you’re neither of those. If people talked about all this stuff more openly maybe more people would a) use condoms and b) get tested before having unprotected sex.

Hopefully you’ll find out who you got it from because they all need testing too and then whoever has it needs to tell everyone they’ve slept with as well so they can get tested.

Hugs to you!


No they use a lot stronger antibiotics


Best thing you can do is look after yourself hun. I'm sorry your partner cheated on you that's awful. Get yourself treated as soon as possible, I would also recommend that after you have taken your treatment to test again. Look after yourself and inform any other partners you've had because if left untreated it can have devastating affects on your fertility and overall health.


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