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Need advise.

I’m 16 and a few months ago I lost my virginity. My partner was not a virgin like me though. However I keep getting thrush, the first time I got it was when I was about 10 but didn’t get it how years. All of a sudden it’s come back and I’ve had it 3 times in 4 months and when I go to the doctors they give me a note for the virginal tablet and then it goes but will return in a few months but I seem to get it when my period is about to begin.

Help please.

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Thrush is caused by slight changes in the balance of your VJ so it’s prob nothing to do with having sex - just st to be on the safe side have you been for a general screen at the STI clinic? And you should be using condoms as well - I learnt the hard way - protect yourself!! No one else will.

Thrush - if it’s near your period is probably to do with hormonal changes around that time which change the balance of your VJ inside. Are you doing things like using sensitive shower gel, weeing after sex, wearin cotton pants etc? Eating healthily, sleeping enough etc? Basically you want your body to be Balanced. If you google natural ways to help with thrush I bet there will be lots. I’m into crystal and stuff like that but there will be lots of things. Hopefully it’s just a stage with your body going through changes. As I say, best to be safe - get a general screen and then use condoms.

It could be as simple as you’re eating an acidic diet or something like that. Damn itchy tho - just keep some canestan on you and use it as needed. Unfortunately thrush is one of those annoying things that some people get.

The other things I use is essential oils in the bath and natural shower gel with tea tree etc in - that can help with bacterial things but be gentle with your body xx


Get yourself to a GuM clinic could possibly be chlamydia


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