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Pain during sex

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I'm 16 and I recently just started having sex. My first time was very painful but I put it down to the whole "popping the cherry" business. I've tried to another 3 or 4 times since then and all of them have been very painful. In some cases my boyfriend wasn't even able to put his penis inside me properly. Ik it's not down to a lack of lubrication or arousal as we've tried with lube even tho most of the time I'm already quite naturally lubricated. Long story short does anyone know what might be causing this? I thought it might be thrush at first but I'm not showing any of the symptoms

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I had the same problem but have you tried any different positions because it did make me relax a little more so there was no pain, if not you could have vaginismus(could be spelled wrong) which is where u can't put things into your vagina. Let me know if u need anymore info or want to talk about it😊

Might be that you are just not ready in other ways.

Maybe back off the penetrative aspects of sex and enjoy some other things.

Give it a few months without perhaps?

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