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HSV-1 Recurring Outbreak or HSV-2 Primary Outbreak??

I have been diagnosed with genital HSV-1 a year ago and have not had a recurring outbreak since. Until a week ago when one single big blister flared and tender lymph nodes on my groin.

This was a week after unprotected sex with a different partner who showed no symptoms.

I am worried I have caught HSV-2 but there are not clinics available near me who can check right away.

I read that HSV-2 is usually much more severe, but that antibodies from HSV-2 may improve primary HSV-2 outbreaks, so i'm not sure what to think????

I was not properly lubricated during intercourse, which may have been the trigger if it was HSV-1?

The outbreak did not last long and I had only a single blister.

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