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Thrush?? Yeast infection?? I DONT KNOW HELP!!!

Hi so umm I'm only 15 years old and kind of new to this but I'm still virgin so I know it's not like an sti or something but my vagina is very sore and stingy when I pee. I also have the feeling that I have to constantly go pee but when I do it's only the tiniest wee dribble basically. I feel awkward talking to a doctor or someone about it incase they have to like touch around there. So yeah I don't know what it is and need help... Thanks

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Sounds like a UTI or water infection you will need to go to a Dr who will give you some antibiotics and a Dr will not need to touch around there the Dr will just need a small sample of your wee too test

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Thank you very much!


It sounds like a water infection. Very easy to treat and they don't have to look at all. You just need to pee into a little sample pot and they test it and that's all


Thanks for the help!


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