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Testicle pains after intercourse

Hello, my names Cori. Andbasically, I'm 14, (yes 14) and had sexual intercourse with a girl who has alledgidely slept with many people, and a few days afterwards my testifies start to have a throbbing sensation in them, but as the days pass the pain starts to increase. I was hoping that someone would help me as I'm very scared, thank you

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Don't be scared. It's ok. Go to your local clinic. They won't tell you off...you can even give false name and age if you prefer, they won't tell your parents.they will probably be nice.

I suspect it's first time worrying, but best to check.

Use a condom next time. Clinic gives them free. Good luck.


As a slight addendum - they are not ALLOWED to tell your parents. It's your right to confidentiality.

As for the girl sleeping around, that's not particularly relevant unless her sleeping around has meant that she's ended up contracting an STI.


Thanks. I wrote doctor will not tell, your parents


I know, I was just helping reinforce the point by telling OP that it's not just that they won't, it's that they CAN'T.


It might or growing pains or you might have a Varicocele. Paracetamol should reduce the pain.


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