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Gonorrhoea and chlamydia tests

I mr Ravin, 30, I'm a marred and living with spouse and a Son, unfortunately I met my relative girl at her home when she was alone, and (she had crush on me to marry but we missed,) had sex with her without any protection due to unplanned and that was my first time I broke my faithfulness.

And when I returned home I had sex with my wife the very next day we got itching and blisters on both our genitals wife and me, I'm dying with regrets and guilty, I confessed to my wife and we both consulted related doctors known to me.

They gave forcan 150. I didn't tell the doctor my incident. After consuming forcan the blisters cured, again appeared when we had sex, again we went to doctor and she wrote some tests including HIV and hepatitis B also syphilis.

Everything is negative , however the doctor gave doxycycline for ten days.

The problem solved for one week, but returned after we had sex again after a moth.

Now I have read all symptoms on the net, and thinking to get tested of gonorrhoea and chlamydia,

Is this tested by urine, and what name should I ask to get tested for this?

Please someone write seriously, thanks in advance!

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Tbh that sounds more like genital herpes with the he reoccurs and will explain why u have tested negative for other things....

Salt baths and anti virals....

Go doctors explain the full story!! But tbh doesn't really sound like gonorrhoea or chalmidya

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U have got genital herpes

Sorry to but it like that it can come active everytime u have sex or when ur unwell..

U can take tablets to help ot but it will always be there


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