Vaginal discharge

Firstly, I'm 16 and not sexually active in the slightest

Recently I've noticed my vaginal discharge is a greenish yellow colour and is accompanied by an odd scent, I've looked on a few websites and the symptoms are related to sexual infections, I'm rather confused as I'm not, nor have I ever been sexually active.

This is a rather confusing problem for me and I'm extremely embarrassed about it can anyone help or suggest anything to do?

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  • i have a slimier problem i think i might have a yest infection but i dont know what could have started it? and obviously its relly embarrassing and i dont know what to do

  • Can your ovaries get a cold? I have noticed that sometimes when I have a cold, my body produces mucus from my nose and from my girly parts!

  • i love the internet

  • Try some Probiotics. A 'clean' colon helps keep your vaginal tract 'clean' ie. lots of good lacto bacteria. A health shop should be able to help you. Post your results...

  • You have bv babe pretty normal can buy stuff at the chemist to treat or go doctors. Cause by a change on the PH level down there

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