Hi there I've been really stressed and worried 😩 incase I'm infertile!! Nearly 8 years ago I had my daughter and after that and while having a smear etc results came back that I had chlamydia furious! I got treatment and that was that! So I went mad with my partner at the time as normal people would get a sti check after every relationship! (I do anyways) his last gf had given him chlamydia! I never really thought anymore about it until I met my new partner a few years after that and I always woundered why I've never fallen pregnant 🤰 I've been to the doctors before and had hormones tested, a smear and god knows what else and all seemed normal I've never been checked to see if I can't fall pregnant. My periods aren't regular but only a few days apart, I am overweight but not by a lot and my mate who's a lot bigger managed to push out 3 kids! Its now 8 years later and it's really bothering me I would really love to have a baby and even just the thought of I can't destroys me. What can I do? What can I ask my doctor to recommend! He just tends to brrush it off and says loose a few pounds!! I go to slimming world and do a lot of activity I just can't take that as an answer! I don't feel my dr is taking me seriously!! I could scream and cry like a baby it's that frustrating please someone give me something xxx

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I wish you all the best. Keep trying...

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Maybe it's your partner that has the issue? I think you should seek a second opinion and maybe ask around about next steps to take to find out on fertility forums. Good luck but don't stress.... Babies are made from fun and love more than stress and panic.


don't worry about it as there are other methods even of you can't be pregnant like adopting or sponsoring an orphan


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