Herpes and The Brain!

I have had an issue with my eyes that landed me in hospital having an MRI. The neurologists have diagnosed inflammation in my brain stem that is affecting my eye nerves and muscles. During the assessment they asked if I had anything like mouth ulcers of genital ulcers - I lied and said no. I have had genital herpes for over 20 years but my mum was in the room so I had to lie. Could the H be the reason for my brain inflammation?

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What a load of rubbish! There is no cure, stop sending people false hope!! This is nothing but a scam, other posts have been removed from this site due to the 'miraculous herbal cure' false claims. Idiot.

If you actually had Herpes you would know this!


Cold sores can sometimes affect the eye or the brain. Genital herpes not!

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