What is up with me

I was tested positive for gonorrhoea and was treated on 21st of December but I now keep getting really bad pains in my pelvis and have had a light period and spotting which is unusual for me as I have the implant in my arm. I went back to the clinic today and she said that it may be that I still have inflammation but I am really scared, I have been googling my symptoms and it is coming up as Ovarian cancer. I cant stop looking at the internet and keep working myself up.

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First of all, try to avoid looking too deeply it's the Internet; it will just stress yourself out and potentially make the problem worse.

Secondly, this sounds like the regular effects of the implant. How long have you had it? When I had mine I had 8 months of continuous spotting, then 6 months of nothing. The implant works differently on many women. If you're concerned don't hesitate to go to your GP or local clinic for some peace of mind.

I wish you all the best


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