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Embarrassed to talk to doctor about persistent thrush

I've had persistent thrush for many years now, with an episode every 1 to 2 months which I treat with cream or oral pill if it's particularly bad. This has always just seemed normal to me, until I mentioned it in passing to a friend who told me it's not normal at all and I need to get it checked out. How do I tell my doctor that I've just got on with it for years and years, without sounding crazy, like a complete idiot, or like I'm just lying/exaggerating? I've always had very bad experiences like this and generally avoid talking to medical professionals as a result :/

Is there a right way of bringing this up with my doctor? And I'm guessing I should wait until my next episode of thrush to see her?

Thanks :)

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I think you should just explain your reason for not seeing them, and that you have always dealt with it with creams etc.

All they can really do is advise you, and maybe give you something that will help change the fact your having it every 1 or 2 months, and hopefully help stop it.

But you should be okay otherwise.


I get it a lot, but the tablet to swallow isn't much good for me only if I take one every few days, many a time I've taken 5 for it to go. I've seen my doctor I've had a blood test and swabs so I see my doctor again this Friday so I hope he can help me !!


You could also go to your local sexual health clinic with your next episode of symptoms. They will be able to do a microscope test on the day to confirm it definitely is thrush, and they'll likely be able to suggest a doctor within their service who has experience with patients with persistent thrush to recommend the right course of treatment for you.

Rest assured - we see lots of women who have similar symptoms and there's plenty than can be done once you're in the right service.


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