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Just want to know if I have NGU

Hello. I just wanna ask, I have a boyfriend for 1month then we have sex last Tuesday. But I have a period then last night he ask me why his penis a little bit pain and irritate but we used condom that night he asking me if I have NGU because before I have a boyfriend and we have sex I don't know if he has a NGU. That's why my boyfriend now asking me if I have NGU because I really don't know 😭

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Men response faster to STI than women, condom act as a barrier between the penis and vagina, so i dout except the condom has small holes or your boy friend did not insert the condom well, before he inserted the condom did his penis touches your pubic hairs because when erected penis come in contact with hair it causes little pain and irritation ,


Don't neglect the possibility that he has a (slight) allergic reaction to the condom. A latex allergy, for example, is quite possible, or an allergy to the lubricant on it.


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