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Medical attention

Just arrive here in Saudi , 3 days upon arrival I have found symptoms of STD..i am exposed and engage to multiple partner in which my wife never know and it's only this time that I confessed to her because I don't have any person to know on what's my disease is...through my wife's help by asking her friend (doctor) on what will be the treatment, I started oral medications only since it's impossible her to purchase injectables, I have yellowish discharges ,tinggling sensation, sometime itchy,sometime painful when d yellowish fluid come out..been taking doxycycline for 2 days now with metronidazole 500mg tablet...buts still d pain and ichy feeling still there, with a little discharge doxycycline and metronidazole both oral meds enough as treatment for my STD? I am worried with my situation now..please need advice

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Oops! I ,d give it a week or so. It may take a few days more to clear up. If not you,ll have to see the doctor yourself and he can take a swab.i

I hope all goes well for you. What a wonderful wife you have.


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