Beg someone help me XD

hey, sorry for the gross life story but i think i have an std, coz i had unprotected sex and now everything between my legs is hella itchy and stingy, and theres a teeny bit of blood, and im getting i dont even know whats on my body, theyre like permenant insect bites , itchy raised and white, and yesterday one appeared below my eye and now im getting scared. But clearly not as scared as i am about getting help in person XD *cries* oh and ive been feeling on and off really queasy ever since the afore mentioned unprotected sex incident, which btw was about a month ago :'( i beg you dont take the piss, im shit scared rn

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  • Do not be scared, go to a clinic it could be something simple causing your skin to be irritated and they will sort it straight away

  • sounds like herpes , I had the same symptoms and had a blood test , found out I had it , go see your doctor immediately sorry if bad news but it sounds just like my outbreak .

  • It could be something as little as thrush, the bleeding could be from scratching. I doubt very much the 'bite' below the eye is anything related. Don't stress but get to your local clinic and get it sorted, you wont know what it is until you do, you may be stressing over something one tablet could get rid off

  • same here

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