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Do I Have herpes? need advice please x

Hey guys,

A few days ago I started to get the symptoms of what I thought was cystitis, burning down below, pain when going to the toilet and abdominal cramps. Last night i noticed an insect type of bite on my bum cheek but thought nothing of it. When I woke up this morning the bite has swollen three times the size, its rock solid and red hot. The pain got really bad and started travelling down my leg. I assumed the bite had got infected, panicked and went to hospital. The nurse checked me over and thinks I've got herpes, she gave me some tablets and im going for a proper test on Monday. I'm still in shock because me and my partner have been together for eight years! I know I haven't cheated but after a few hours of arguing he has admitted its from him. The pain in my bum is getting worse! My lips and tongue are now tingling and little lumps are now appearing! is that normal? can I get both? Can't get my head around the fact my fella has cheated and now I might have an std?! I'm absolutely heart broken.

thanks x

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Yeah that herpes!! And herpes can not be treated, hope u have got rid of him.. For him 2 cheat is 1 thing an another give you an std! Hope your ok


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