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Really scared and worried

Hello, my first time posting anyways I found a spot on Sunday night above my clitoris and was really worried it was a red spot with no head and flesh coloured and didn't cause any pain or itchiness, felt a little uncomfortable but that's it. I got tested for every std in Jan and all was negative and all sexual partners have been clean and we used condoms, and ive been in a steady relationship for almost 2 years now. Also it doesn't look like a wart or genital herpes!

Had sex the night before finding the spot

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Update: the spot still has no head and I tried squeezing it last night and it didn't pop or irritate it and this morning it looks like its gone down a bit and not as red, no new spots just the one still... I have also had a cold sore (on mouth) pop up this morning is well.


Surely it's best to have a check up at the clinic to be on the safe side? Even though you were safe, you never know. X


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