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blood in my pee

3 weeks ago i had a very large kidney stone removed, for the last 3 days i have been having almost the same pains as i did before i was rushed into hospital with the first stone. however this time its a bit different (a) its on the left side, (b) i am getting trouble back pains and i keep passing blood after i have finshed peeing.

last time i was held in a&e for 9 hrs then tranfered to a different hospital where they operated on me just after i was admitted their, i dont think i want to waist all that time again, plus on bank holiday i am going to visit a very sick friend in hospital, and i dont know what to do.

should just keep drinking lots and wash it out of my bladderor should get medical help????

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Please do not take too much notice of the other post with regard to your medicines. If you have been prescribed medicines they are for your good. You should drink lots - anything is OK - and take pain killers if needed. If it does not improve go again to doctor.


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