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Concern about deep vaginal pain with intercourse and tampon usage.

This weekend I experienced discomfort during sex with my partner, and although this is not unusual, it was somewhat more intense than I'm used to. In the following days I started my period, but upon using tampons (as I always have) I felt deep pain within my vagina, an increased need to urinate and felt feverish. After removing the tampon I felt better a few hours later. Now 3 days later I again attempted to use tampons, assuming it was simply a coincidence and related to the mild recurrent thrush I sometimes get around the time of my period. I now have the same symptoms, several hours after removing the tampon. I've had both thrush and cystitis in the past few years, however this is unlike both of those conditions, and I am finding few conditions that describe deep pain within the vagina. I have booked a quick session with my GP in the morning.

Anyone had similar experiences or have an idea what this could be?

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I think cervix abscess u should go to clinic and check and dont use tempon.


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