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Can you spread herpes if I have no sores or symptoms?

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I've had herpes for two months I'm finding it hard to cope with it but I'm curious for the future can I spread it into other people if I have nothing there? I can't seem to use condoms as I get sore and irritated for a few after, also I've had oral sex with the boy who I got it of so does this mean now that I'm going to get it around my mouth as well?:/ someone please get back to me!

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Once you have one of the viruses (there are two types HSV 1 and HSV 2) in one place it is very unusual to get it in another place as your body makes defensive antibodies to stop you getting it in other places. Remember you can get the other type of HSV though!

There's lots of rubbish on the internet about herpes the only site I recommend you look at is the Herpes Viruses Association which has everything you need to know.

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I've written a couple of long posts with much more information in than I'm going to put here. Check out my profile to find them.

HSV1 is oral herpes. It's happiest living around your mouth, but it can occasionally go south.

HSV2 is genital herpes. It's happiest around your genitals, but it can occasionally go north.

You're unlikely to have an oral presentation of HSV2. Also, now that you have HSV2, you have some protection against future infection with HSV1.

Yes, the virus can be transmitted without symptoms - it's thought that this is how the majority of transmission occur.

Go read my other posts - there's loads more info. All the best! 😊


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