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I have a "problem" , or at least I see it that way though my girlfriends not so much, its taking longer and longer to achieve orgasm

I have always and still do become hard easily, only soften a little if at all at orgasm, and harden rapidly. My orgasms used to often have a long period of after shocks, almost better than the orgasm, by the end of which I'd be hard and pumping again.

However, whilst it would typically take me 15 to 30 mins to achieve first orgasm with a partner (much less masturbating of course, but less satisfying), and I could then typically repeat that at longer intervals perhaps 4 to 6 times in an evening, with maybe the odd 5 to 10 minute break, it's been taking progressively longer to reach orgasm over the last few years (maybe since 52 or 55, I'm now 58). I went to my older than me doctor a couple of years ago but he just said, in effect, 'lucky bastard - your just getting jaded".

Last week I spent from about 1800 to 0100 having fairly continuous sex of one kind or another with my current girlfriend with only a 40 minute break for room service and only came twice, neither of which was particularly satisfying for me - she lost count of course :(

We went at it agian in the morning, after about 5 hours sleep, for about an hour - quite enjoyable but not enough time for resolution :((

Any one have any ideas how to fix this?


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