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GUM Clinic/Sexual Testing. Do I have to be tested for everything?

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I have recently gotten into a new relationship at university. I have been checked before for STD's but never for HIV. I like to get checked whenever starting a new sexual relationship. My new partner has been checked and he has assured me that he has nothing. However, we want to stop using condoms as I am on the combined pill. I am going to get checked out again but I was wondering if I absolutely had to get bloods taken for a HIV test as I have a severe phobia of needles and syringes. Can I just be tested for everything except HIV or will the clinic make me get tested for everything?

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HIV is worse than needles. Just saying. I don't see why you'd risk it.

Dear studentvoice,

The clinic won't MAKE you test for anything you don't want. However, we would certainly strongly recommend a blood test which would be for syphilis as well as HIV.

Unfortunately the only way to know is to get tested.The doctors and nurses are very understanding of people with needlephobia.

Make sure you've had something to eat and you're wrapped up nice and warm and your veins will pop up. This will make it much easier to take the blood and it will all be over quickly without hurting. It's the anxiety of thinking about it more than the actual test.

Kind regards.

This was more the type of advice I was looking for. If I was to be tested, and this sounds silly, how long would it take to take a blood sample? I'm very nervous as I've never had blood taken before.

Dear studentvoice,

It would probably take about 10-30sec to actually take your blood.

Just make sure you're nice and warm.

Kind regards.

Dear studentvoice,

I don't have needlephobia but I am a nightmare to get blood out of! As well as following the advice to eat and keep yourself warm before a blood test, a nurse once told me to drink plenty of water before I came to have blood taken and this seems to work quite well for me.

Hope all goes fine.

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