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Trying to conceive

Feeling super down its been about six months and I am still not pregnant. I went to two different gyn to make sure everything is ok. All test came back Great. I really want my bf to get checked bc its truly disappointing every month with no luck. :(

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One has only as much as 20% chance of succes in every TTC attemp even if everything is super ok with both the couples. I don't want to decide on what time is enough to be really worried about failed TTC.... but I think it's not very late for you to be really worried yet. Your test result kind of indicates further that there might not be really a reason to worry and it could just be a matter of chance that you didn't get pregnant for the past 6 months inspite of actively trying for it. What all have you been doing this far to help with the TTC... like ovulation tracking or healthy diet to ensure hormonal balance? Sometimes only a few healthy lifestyle switch is enough to help you get pregnant. If you're not on it already maybe it's time to consider it. Get your BF checked though just to be double sure that which lifestyle changes you guys really need to make a better TTC. WIsh you Luck!


Hey there, I'd like to know a little more about you and your partner. Like the PP said, 6 months could simply be a matter of luck and not really any infertility issue. Nonetheless, I can understand how dissapointing it feels really. How old the both of you are? If all test came back well I hope keep trying and it will soon be your success.


I am 26 and my bf is 25.... we are still trying but no luck yet


Thank you for the support...we said we will try for another five months if not look into different alternatives.


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