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15 Weeks Pregnant


I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and although I had morning sickness I was only sick like once a week then at 11-12 weeks it went away but now has come back. Yesterday I was sick at 3pm and another 4times before 9pm. Still feeling sick, headache, body is aching and I’m soooo tired. I’ve taken the day off work today. I’ve just had a slice of toast to see if I can keep that down this morning.

Should I be concerned? Should I let my midwife know?

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Hi there, congratulations on getting pregnant! :) I guess it's normal, as long it's just the morning sickness and other typical pregnancy symptoms. Every person is different in receptivity, likewise, the symptoms also vary. You're probably more prone to nausea, some people do feel it more than others... it's quite the same as motion sickness... some feel it some don't. Expect the symptoms to appear and disappear that's no big deal. I know a woman from the clinic who have had occasional spotting till an 8th week into pregnancy, then it stopped only to reappear around 33rd or 34th week. She panicked initially but when the tests showed everything is alright she shrugged off her fears and prepared for delivery. So, you see the trends are unpredictable. There are medications though that might help as I can understand this consistent morning sickness will hinder all other daily chores... you better consult your Dr and see if you can get him to prescribe something to relieve you off the throwing-up. Stay well!

Nahh.. not really. You see the symptoms of pregnancy, especially the morning sickness can be very very whimsical. It might just fade away sometime making you feel probably that's it and again reappear anytime during the gestation. My sister has had such whimsical spotting during her pregnancy with twins. She had some troubles conceiving too (sometimes I think it runs in the family)... there was no cramping or as much as a twitch which is why she didn't even know she is pregnant till it was a couple of weeks past her due date. Now the totally non-symptomatic pregnancy suddenly started spotting shortly before the 6-week scan. Terrible timing I must say! After Dr confirmed the foetuses are fine and she got used to spotting (now and then) it totally vanished around 8/9 week only to reappear a couple of weeks before her scheduled delivery to scare all of us. Since both are now healthy 6-year-old boys and you just experiencing whimsical morning sickness I can say there's really no need to worry about your pregnancy. Yes, if the morning sickness is getting unbearable day by day then you should probably ask your Dr to prescribe you some meds which can alleviate it. Otherwise, just enjoy the bliss of unplanned work-offs and the bliss of gestation.

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