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Positive urine , than negative blood and urine

I went to the dr on 9/26 and found out I was pregnant . My periods are irregular so I'm not exactly sure how far along I am . From the info I did have they believed me to be 4 weeks and 1 day than . On 10/1 I started to bleed , sort of like a period but lighter . I went to the ER and I was told that my urine test and blood test was negative and that I was just having a period . But my HCG level was a 7.7 . On 10/2 it was much lighter. ( if I was having a period it would be much heavier) I went to see my Ob nurse to have more blood drawn and I am waiting to hear the results tomorrow. I honestly still believe I am pregnant with very low hcg or not far along as I think I am . Any advice ,help , or success stories .!?