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Expert needed on teen pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a research paper on teen pregnancy the causes and effects and are there any solutions ? My view on things is to have a better support system at home , better sex education through out all four years of high school would help improve. Why are these methods not working now? I also feel like welfare , and food stamps make it easy to be parents when a teenager madly in love decides to have a baby. Not only am I focusing on how this affects the teen but what the baby will go through being a offspring of a teenage mother. For my research paper I will need a expert interview on what they think , not only to learn but see things in a different light.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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I believe there are several factors that can add to this.

*Peer pressure - I believe that many adolescent people feel that they are under pressure to have sexual relationships, even if they are not mentally and physically yare. People are having sex much earlier than in earlier generations and teenagers who do not have sexual relationships may be bullied or teased by their friends.

*Social and Cultural - Societal and cultural changes: everyone is acclimated with the old adage ‘romance is dead’ and this is what older people frequently verbalize about adolescent people these days. In antecedent generations, couples spent a long time going out on dates (commonly kenned as ‘courting’) and getting acquainted with each other afore the relationship became physical; nowadays, couples incline to get together and move onto a physical relationship much more expeditious and sex is conventionally part and parcel of the relationship fairly early on.

*Poor education - Many teenagers admit that they believe prevalent myths such as you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex, you can’t get pregnant in certain sexual positions and you can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period, for example, so when they get pregnant it comes as an immensely colossal shock. Many teenagers are unaware and not clued up on contraception so may be embarrassed in asking an adult.

To Improve the rate of teenage pregnancy and bring the rate down I believe that ;

*Better sex education in schools that is more interactive and hands on learning in order to engage students rather than bore.

*Encourage parents to be more open with their children about sex to gain trust.

*Give teenagers a sample of life with children such as a life like baby for 24 hours.

*Finally to inform teens of the negatives in pregnancy more.


I`m not exactly an expert but im a teenager. We`ve been through sex ed in great detail i know all about std`s and sexually transmitted diseases i know how to put a condom on a dilldo. Society has changed everyones a lot more sexual at school i know who`s had sex in my year and who hasn`t and who pretends to be. School surrounds it. We know about sex bottom line. My short story isnt long but proves were not all stupid when i was fourteen i thought i was in love. Really i was a prize the boy was always wanting sex with me and i really thought i loved him but my gut told me no. we need to be taught as weird as this may sound about relationships and how to know the right one and when the right time is. The whole school thought id had sex with this boy even though i hadn`t he got congratulated and i got called a s**t. things got soo bad i moved and started dating a new lad for about two years and were thinking about having a kid he is three years older than me but do we know the risks or the task we are taking on? no? do we know if we did what would be out there to support us? no?

this is what i think should be done not all 16 year old pregnancies are accidents.