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Advice please

Hi my names Brittany I'm 29 I have two kids and about a year and half ago me and my partner found out we were expecting and I ended up having a tubal and haven't seemed to get pregnant ever since. Ive taken everything you can think of between conceive easy, and pre-mama from GNC I started taking my daily womans vitamins, been tracking my ovulation on an app for my phone. I'm starting to think that god hates me and wont bless me and my fiancé with our first child together and I beat myself up every month cuz even though I did loose ours a year and a half ago I try to show no emotion or let it get to me, but really deep down its eating me up so much. I did a psychic reading a couple months ago and not one but two women said the same thing that I will conceive this year and give birth in 2017 but I honestly think that psychic stuff is mumbo jumbo. I just need some advice please!!!!!!

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Hey brit86 many thanks for sharing your experience with us. The worst thing you can do is to feel bad and punish yourself. Have you tried to change your attitude and be more positive, treat yourself instead of punishing? It might sound not helpful at all but your physical and emotional health is very important. Also, have you seen your doctor and asked their advice? I'm sure there are many professionals who can help with this..

HealthUnlocked also has this British Pregnancy Advice community you can explore and ask for help:

All the best!


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