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Hi I am really worried about the young person who is I’n my care she is 20 and has PDD adhd and micro caphaly and anxiety disorder she is bright goes to college

My worry is she will not come out to the shop or a walk even the garden when we have managed to get her out she Judy’s wants to go home !! I can ddd she has put on weight it when I have tried all angles to talk to her about all of these issues she just dosnt take it on board

What I am doing is if she dosnt want to go out after asking her I don’t pursue it any ideas

She spends the mornings doing online college set work and the rest of the day on her phone or pc

Would welcome yr ideas thank you

Pic is of one of our walks

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Is the anxiety disorder receiving any treatment - medication and/or other therapy?

Is this her reasons for reluctance to be outside?

Could be social anxiety complicated by sensory sensitivity. What other activities are being explored?

Maybe do a social story? Or talk to her giving specific questions (usually better for people who are Autstic) maybe using feeling cards to aid communication. Maybe put a time limit on Wi-Fi and start small with going out.

Than you have tried the limits on wifi she said she is an adult and it’s her choice !

Fair enough, are there activities online you can do together as a start?

Yes that she likes writing stories and she has online zoom dancing lessons which she enjoys

Online college work and doing well

That's good, would she play a game online? Or board game? or like have the Windows open?

Just trying to think of tiny steps to get where you want to be

Yes she does play games online with her boyfriend and my grandchildren and enjoys that think it’s baby steps before the lockdown she was so confident thanks

Hi, does she receive psychotherapy to support a positive behavior plan? This could help her with time limitations on activities through an organised plan ( people with learning disabilities and autism may have difficulty organising their thought processes ). Perhaps use a consistent exit word or picture to help her know it is time to go and reduce anxiety.


Try reverse phycologist

Try talking to her at the most polite & respectful/don't think negative say positive about her

Picklebum in reply to JJG_IOM

Yes that’s a very good idea thanks

Hi have you thought about planning a simple outing for a time in the future so that you can discuss it and she can be prepared. My niece has autism and will not leave the house. I text her everyday to tell her I'm going for a bike ride and it's lovely. Her mum then arranged for them to go for a quick walk in a few days time and she went. Now she is doing the same about a bike ride. Sometimes just talking through what is going to happen and when can take away the anxiety and booking it in in advance means no surprises. Hope it helps.

Picklebum in reply to anolan77

Hi thank you that’s a really gd idea and in fact this is just what we are doing ... I ask her every day if she’d like to come out for a walk at day 2 pm and where we can be going but she always says no not today I have talked to her about it and she has now told me she will come out on the last weds in June !!

When lockdown first started she did go round the block on her bike but not since

I worry about the weight she’s put on through not exercising as her life is so different now not doing walks to bus for college dance classes etc etc but she is very happy thank you for yr reply 😄

Kastaka in reply to Picklebum

Have you considered getting her an at desk exercise machine of some kind?

I have a little under desk exercise bike so I can exercise while doing whatever I am doing online, which lets me exercise without it being a big difficult event involving lots of sensory input.

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