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DWP compliance phone interview


I have a DWP compliance officer telephone interview on the 24th for my adult son who is on the spectrum. He only receives employment support allowance ( support group) and nothing else. The thing is they know he has verbal communication issues so how do they expect him to speak on a phone to a stranger? I can only imagine what type of answers my son will give. They won’t even tell you the reason for their call so it’s not like I can prepare him in advance.

They also know how dependent he is on his parents for almost everything, the letters they have from specialists described all of his difficulties. I feel this is cruel carrying out such a random call with no inclination of what it’s about. Most people know that autism itself usually has some form of communication difficulties, but also we know that no two people are the same. I’m worried about this.

Has this happened to anyone else?any advise would be great

Take care


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Hi, if you join this site on FB or ask someone who has FB to do it. UK ME & Chronic Illnesses Benefits Advice Group. If you post this question, I am sure you will get responses from them as they are great at helping. Good luck x

A telephone interview is probably not the best form of support

Are you his appointee?

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