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Rough night


I’m just so beyond exhausted. Parenting is hard, but parenting a child with autism is on another level.

Today, we had a 45 minute meltdown in the grocery store. Still no idea why. But...kicking, screaming, hitting, biting, banging her head on the floor, throwing things...all of it. It took 3 people to carry her out of the store. She refused to sit in her car seat and had to be physically held down on the drive home. She kicked the back of the seat a million times. The meltdown carried on for another 2 hours at home. Everyone is covered in bruises, including my daughter.

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I teach my son and I get name called "stupid girl" or "thick" for trying to help my son - you will get very negative reactions or positive reaction from people , who try to understand and help you - I am glad people helped you with me it is the reverse and they try to put me down for even trying. It breaks my heart that no one wants to help my son

As long as you achieve your goal I think it all OK and try hard and not even think about the negative side of what others think. I wish I could fight for my rights but they have painted me and my son as losers and non starters.


There is uaually a reason why they have a meltdown. It could be anything from feeling unwell or the enviornment they are in and possibly don't want to be there.

I dont know how old your daughter is but it sounds as if she is very young. Is she verbal, if not it could be that its the only way she can express herself that not all is well.

Best to remove them from the situation as soon as possible(if possible).

In my experience when my son had a meltdown we learnt that he would need to get it out of his system. He would than calm right down possibly due to exhaustion.

With time we have learnt to recognise the early signs and if the dislikes certain places, we just avoid them. (not always possible)

I hope you ave a good day.

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Yes I agree, there are usually certain places that autistic people don’t like because they find those particular places difficult and if there is behaviour like that it means that you should help them get away from that place as soon as possible or it will cause great psychological damage

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I think that if someone is so exhausted from being exposed to something that is too difficult, the outcome could be dangerous like a state of shock or something

Because it was too much for her to be where she was or what she was feeling and she could only communicate that in the way that she did. It’s not her fault