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does anyone feel more confident about switching to pip now they have seen the channel 4 documentary

depicting a "doctor" who asked a man with no leg to wriggle his toes on the missing leg! people with sca don't even have bits missing so how is this stress good for us obviously the truth was stretched a bit to make the program but if there was no truth in it anywhere they couldn't get away with saying it. The program was days ago but I have been waiting for someone to start the subject so to see other views but no one has so what do others think about it

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I'm a bit unsure and wary on how the 'care' component of PIP is going to work? It stated in the programme that there is to be 10 ability/disability levels?


I watched the program, but I live in France and the system is very different here. Just out of interest what happens in the UK for equipment needed - wheelchairs, rollators etc.?

In france I am classed at 50-79% handicapped which gives me a lower benefit. Soon to be re-assesed for 80% - then my benefits will increase and so will any other help I need. In France everyone is re-assesed every five years, and you have to have a personal assesment by the gov dept for everything even the handicapped parking permit. However, they do come to you to do home visits for these assesments. But there is no extra benefit for care and help etc - it is supplied by the government. As for taxis etc we just have to make the benefit money stretch to it.

However, the medical treatment seems to be superior. I think if I was living in the uk, I would receive more benefit money, but less physio and other treatments.

I do think it is a big concern that the gov in Uk has put the assesments out to a private company, - prob would have been fairer and better if a new gov dept had been set up!


well wibblywobly atos healthcare who are the contractors carrying out the tests are a french company so perhaps they are working to french standards this explains a lot


Yes you could be right - should have be kept in Uk gov dept!!!


I was diagnosed with SCA6 (ataxia) approx two and half years ago and it has been getting worse as the months have passed. On the advice of my Neurology Professor I applied for the DLA (mobility). But have been refused - twice in 15 months. Now I`ve just given up. I`ve do have a follow up appoint with the Professor in September of this year so I`ll see what he says about it then, but I`m not building up my hopes.

I have an elder brother who also suffers from the exact same thing as I, and he was successful in his application. Maybe I live in the wrong postcode area.

I also viewed that program, and I was shocked and disgusted at the part where they asked the Army lad to wriggle his toes.


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