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bad day

im feeling very frustrated at the moment my walking is deteriating and even walking a short distance with my rollater leaves me exhausted my husband is having health problems so i cant use wheelchair im getting very snappy at people around me due to not getting out much i worked it out im lucky if i get out 8 hours a week so spending most of time on laptop which after a while sends you stir crazy just wanted a moan with people that understand the frustrations of living with ataxia

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Hello "gossy",

I DO understand you, I feel with you.

But I say to myself "just make the best lof it" -it helps---sometimes



thanks jergen think its just one of those days be ok tomorrow


Hi Gossy

Its absolutely fine to have one of those days we all have lots of them!!

Its ok with snappy too as that happens Blimey i get moody quick at home.

I have managed in/out re wrk whilst hubby had 3 wks 1day off wrk and he barely did anything .so i not impressed as does not matter every day morning and night i feel like absolute rubbish and i still continue with every ache & pain .

He does help me though. (Contradictive that sounds a bit) ...

I understand in respect of i have those times and sometimes not been out for over a week and i wrk and have a car.

Its frustrating and can be a bit boring as you can do so much TV so much internet, reading.

If you like reading i suggest a few books to target to read.

Kindles are the way forward and especially i say to take away but cannot beat good old fashioned books!! What do like?

Puzzle books?

I have many customers who do not get out at all and look forward to me going, i offer to take them shops (not just because they have trouble but its the company a giggle) they all do puzzle books keeps the mind stimulated x

Apart your husband who do you see?

Gosh my grandad bless when he was around he bought me and my cousin a car (old one) A-b jobby (passed on now but it was to see us get something) my cousin did not wrk then she waa summoned to chauffeur grandad everywhere (he got his money's worth & more) he paid her road tax & insurance too.

Yet asked why i did not have to do so much.

Thats because back then i had set this up and i have 4 kids always been a grafter since school. My cousin has no kids (cannot have any) so guess since she no wrk and no kids thats why he got her running around.

. (I pay girls to do my job which leaves me little money) but determination keeps me going (i have a stick ) so never give up (not saying pay for some one to take you out) but is it possible others could help out.

8 hrs is a lot to beable to get out , not as much as you would like or used to but its quite a fair little bit.

What about access bus or any community's in your local area?

I get out of breath a fair bit at 43 and cant walk far or stand long and all my new bits in house to help and if i could not drive, believe me i be onto next best thing!

Mobility scooter hooter ? Do you have one? I should of read about u first only on my phone and cannot go back now .

We do have to make the best of each day as you never know what the day ahead will be like.

Sorry if this was not helping as just trying to give ideas.

But i do hope you can have a better day soon.

You also have all if us ?? Facebook? Plenty to chat to instantly on there too.

Big hugs caroline xxxxxxxxx


I have just received my driving licence back from DVLA. It took them around four months to decide that I could have it back One possitive thing in about two years of frustration. The NHS wheels turn particularly slowly I find but living with the frustrations becomes easier .I have not had as much pleasure from reading as I used to due to lack of concentration but belong to a reading circle which makes me read books that I would not have considered before and expands my social life somewhat


thanks caroline spend most of day on facebook if you on feel free to add me linda gosnell feeling lot better today think just lot of stress build up yesterday


Hi gossy, I know how you feel it's very frustrating when balance is crap, and you are all over place and it slows you up considerably.This affects me as well at times and I crash in to thinks with my rollator even have had a shop display over , their fault though of cramming too much together at Christmas. Also this time of year gloomy cold wet weather does not give good incentive to go out.I'm sure it's just a bad patch you are going through, try and keep your chin up you will pull through. Keep chatting we have some good friends here. Take care.



Hi Linda!

You may have read my mentioning about my daughter's wedding. Well, it's on

16 February and the invitations haven't gone out yet! The search is still ongoing

for a vital part of my outfit! We haven't even thought about flowers yet. We have

a hair trial next week, my hair is quite long and I think it's going to have to be put

up, but how? There are numerous other little things that need immediate attention.

I must stress at this point that I do not have control, my daughter and her fiance

are making the arrangements, they were quite laid back but now panic has set in!

I've just been into Newcastle with a friend, supposedly to finish my outfit. With the

sales being on everything looks so crammed together, I found it very tiring and

frustrating trying to see the wood from the trees! I usually spend most days at

home and I agree it does get you down at times, roll on the summer, I like to be

out in the garden if possible, just to potter nothing strenuous!



thanks everyone think it was just a bad day cos feel lot better today love n health to all


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