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All the fun of a support group without having to leave the house!

All the fun of a support group without having to leave the house!


I have read several posts on Healthunlocked about plucking up the courage to go to support groups and similar. Can I mention again the virtualataxia twice weekly chat sessions, these are a good 'taster' of talking to others with ataxia without having to leave your home. It does create a feeling of camaraderie (for me anyway, I hope other chatters too!) and it makes it much easier, for example, going to the AtaxiaUK conference when you already 'know' others all be it only in a faceless environment.

The address of the chat location is and chats are held at 4.30pm on Sundays and 7pm on Tuesdays.

We look forward to seeing more there :)

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I will certainly bear it in mind, I don't attend a group, thanks for the reminder.

Congratulations re the award!


Will have a look!


Hi Tim!

Well, I couldn't believe it last night when I eventually got logged on via

my husbands ipad! My laptop needs to be put out to pasture!

I've never been on Facebook/twitter so it took me a while to get to grips

with how this kind of exchange works. It's very light hearted, I recommend

it to everyone!



Really good to see you there :)


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