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Newbie here-Does 'swimmy eyes'/drowsy/clumsy feeling sound familiar to anyone?


I'm trying to find out if i may have some form of Ataxia (vestibular?).I've suffered with this weird spaced- out swimmmy eyes/head feeling for over 20 years.I am 39 years old and have had M.E /depression/hypothyroid/hormone issues for all of that time but have never been able to make sense of this swimmyness/ blurry/unsteadyness??.I feel it's some sort of vestibular inner ear thing.

Can anyone help me?


hayley x

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Hi Hayley

I am sorry to hear you have been having such a tough time. Although your description of symptoms fit with possible inner ear trouble I think it is difficult to comment on, given you have so many other things going on. My best suggestion is that you discuss your concerns with your own GP who is in a much better position to comment on the symptoms you described above.

Best of Luck!



I have had symptoms of weird like dizziness sometimes accompanied by nausea. It can knock me off balance easilly. Only recently I was told by my GP that considering my history of headaches/dizziness and tinnitus (high and low pitched, ringing and buzzing sounds in ear) and many other tests I've had, I have 'Meneres syndrome'.

I have also been diagnosed with 'Cerebellar Ataxia', which may or may not be connected to my inner ear problem (vestibular). There are many different types of ataxia so I'm uncertain if there is a connection between the two or not?

I don't have swimmy eyes as you describe but I do sometimes feel pressure which appears to be at the back of my eyes. I have my eyes checked annually with no problems except for needing new prescription glasses only, for reading each year.

I agree with Harriet that you should discuss your problem with your doctor for a better professional opinion. Good luck Hayley. Iain


Hi Hayley!

Persevere with your GP. I saw most doctors' in our practice before one finally

pointed me in the right direction. It is hard to stay on course and persevere

when there are many symptoms clouding the issue. Keep going back until

you get an answer. x


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