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Blood tests before marriage, just as a matter of course?

In the United States, I believe it is mandatory for both parties to have

a blood test prior to being married. I'm supposing this would 'guide'

the couple in their decision to have a family, should any genetic

clashes show up. On my father's side, his mother passed on the

gene for Muscular Dystrophy. I've been told that this gene is passed

down the female line, and can effect males. My grandmother was married

twice, the first marriage bore 2 sons, the second 2 daughters. One of the

daughter's had a boy, born with Muscular Dystrophy, he lived into his teens.

The other daughter had a girl, who had no problems but concerns arose

when she herself was pregnant with a boy. In this instance he was okay.

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Maybe I'm wrong but I think this bloodtest in the U.S was always for veneral diseases only.


Thanks Klazien!

You are correct,that was the foremost reason for the tests. According to Yahoo -

they came about in the 1930s, before Penicillin and Antibiotics. It can also be

used to detect Sicklecell Anaemia and Rubella. According to

- the test is currently compulsory in 5 states. See also -



well, good question.



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