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Does anybody know of any groups in or near Bexhill East Sussex Please? I thought it might be nice to meet with some people who wouldnt take the pee if you struggle with your speech-fall over or walk into something, i cant find a list or anything to suggest there is one but it'd be nice to get out and do something. Thanks Andy

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  • Ataxia UK East Sussex and West Kent Branch

    Tunbridge Wells based, with meetings round the area.

    We enjoy ourselves at meetings as well as doing the necessary bits like fundraising, raising awareness and essential paperwork.

    There is an annual membership fee of £10.00 (£15.00 for couples), but no charge for meetings.

    We try to intersperse meetings with rather more "fun" things, especially during the summer.

    Next event:


    Mrs Josephine Singer - Secretary


    9 Mountford Gardens

    Tunbridge Wells


    South East

    TN1 1JJ

    Telephone: Tel No: 01892536822


  • This page on the Ataxia UK website lists all the current support groups.

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